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Dev Blog / Steam Page
« on: November 30, 2017, 11:04:54 pm »
Our Steam page just launched. You can add Realms of Magic to your Steam wishlist and get notified when it's launched!

Realms of Magic on Steam

Dev Blog / Updated Website
« on: November 30, 2017, 09:02:31 pm »

We've updated our website:
Realms of Magic website

On the main page you can see timer that counts down to Early Access release, less than 6 days still left.

You can also check out About us page:
About us page

Previous page was very outdated, most of current team wasn't even there.

Dev Blog / Early Access Trailer
« on: November 28, 2017, 06:53:40 pm »
Hey, we've just posted Early Access Trailer, enjoy!

Realms of Magic - Early Access Trailer

Dev Blog / New Demo Version
« on: November 26, 2017, 06:48:01 pm »

Yesterday morning we’ve updated demo version on Steam.

The two major changes are complete overhaul of professions and map generator. The tutorial dungeon has been expanded, polished and rebalanced. There are also lots of bugfixes and small improvements.

We recommend creating new character since the locations that you visited on the previous one won't be updated.

We also decided to push back Early Access release by another week, currently planned date is 6/12/2017.

Dev Blog / Release Date Update
« on: November 08, 2017, 06:51:05 pm »

We have bad news and good news. The bad one is that we are moving Early Access release date to 29.11.2017. This was last minute desicion, we are deeply sorry that we are letting you know so late. We don't think the current build is up to our standards and we want to spend a little more time polishing it.

The good news is that we will be updating Demo version in a week on 15.11. In updated Demo we will unlock talents, so you will be able to check them out. We will also unlock one of the villages for you to explore and do some quests. Besides that updated Demo will contain lots of bugfixes and balance changes.

We still have several Demo keys left, if you didn't get one you can contact us. It's the last chance to try out Realms of Magic for free :)

Dev Blog / Update Monday #18
« on: September 04, 2017, 07:45:26 pm »


In this update we will go over what we are planning to do before release. Similar to the last two updates, we will split it into two parts, this week we will focus on programming and next week we will talk about design.

Manwe has three tasks planned. The first one is improving Artificial Intelligence which consists of two parts. The first part of AI improvements is movement - we need to teach NPCs how to use platforms, open doors, jump when necessary and stop falling from the cliffs. The second part is teaching them how to better use combat skills and spells. After working on AI he will move to cave generation. Kurigalzu already implemented basic cave generation system, but we still need to improve some things like generation of cave entrances and interior generation - placing objects, creatures and NPCs. The last task is the one he is currently working on - optimization. He already rewritten lighting which lowered GPU usage and right now he will focus on optimizing CPU.

Vermox will be working mostly on GUI. Currently he is working on three parts of the interface related to combat: talents window, spellbook and the action bar. In talents window you are able to spend talents points in one of the several skill trees. After you learn new skills or spells they will appear in the spellbook, from which you will be able to move these skills/spells to the action bar in order to use them in combat. When combat related GUI is finished he will move to the last big part of the interface, the world map window, which will allow you to explore the world by travelling to different locations. After that, all that will be left to do are small tweaks to professions, Modder and GUI.

Kurigalzu is working on the combat system. We already have talent system and core mechanics for three skill trees: One-handed, Mobility and Defense. Right now he is finalizing these skill trees by integrating them with GUI and animations. After that he will implement Fire and Frost skill trees. We would also like to implement Archery skill tree but we are currently not sure if we will implement it in time before release. Except for talent related tasks he will be also working on implementing new creatures and their special attacks.

That’s all for today, see you next week!

Dev Blog / Update Monday #17
« on: August 28, 2017, 09:51:42 pm »


Last week we talked about what our programmers have done recently and this week we will focus on what was the rest of our team doing.

Let’s begin with mechanics and content design. Me (Zakharn) and Ansambel have finished designing every major feature and majority of content that will be present in the first release version of Realms of Magic. The only big feature related to mechanics design is combat system. We already have very solid basics, however given the very dynamic nature of combat, it’s something that’s very hard to do right on a paper. We are going through as much combat system iterations as possible to make sure it’s fun and satisfying. We expect that the final result will be very different from the initial design we’ve created.

Another thing me and Ansambel have done is implementation of content. Every item in the game has many different variables that define what it is and how it behaves, for example its texture and icon, its value, crafting recipe, interactive behaviour (doors for example need an animation) and much more. Currently we have about one thousand items used in the game, and also another thousand that aren’t used anywhere in the game yet but are already implemented in the game’s files. Some time ago files containing items data became too messy due to their number, so we decided to reimplement every item from scratch in a way that will keep them organized in the future. Fortunately, we were able to do it quite fast thanks to Modder - program created by Vermox that allows us to implement content in timely and efficient manner.

Omadan was mostly working on quests and NPCs’ dialogue. So here is what we currently have:
1. Random quests - They are simple quests that are randomly generated. They may not be the most exciting part of the game but they will fill the world and will always give the player something to do. Right now we have about 50 of them.
2. Handmade quests - These quests are more interesting as every one of them is written individually and is connected to specific places and NPCs. We’ve started work on them very recently and we will spend most of Omadan’s time until release on them.
3. Guild quests - Currently we have quests for Sellswords, a guild that recruits, well, sellswords. We also have quests written for the Temple, however we will release them some time after initial launch because they were made on older version of quest and dialogue system and will need to be ported to the new system.
4. Random encounters - These are NPCs you will meet when traveling in wilderness, outside of towns and villages. Right now we have over 30 random encounter NPCs with something interesting to say.
5. NPCs’ dialogues - Every NPC living in a city or a village has a written dialogue. Currently we have dialogues for about 100 NPCs.

Depczyk, our level designer and SFX artist, has been mostly working on sound effects. He managed to create SFXs for pretty much everything we currently have in the game, including interface, movement, items, combat and creatures. We will still need new sound effects for the content and features we are now working on but majority of sound related work is done. When it comes to level design, we finished work on basic design and are now focused on producing handmade locations. We already have created one village and are now wrapping up work on the first big city.

Piotrek, our pixel artist, has been working on many different things: interface, character and creature animations, new city tileset, new items for existing tilesets, clutter items, weapons, plants and more. Most of his work is already done, we are now wrapping up smaller things we have left and will soon move to polishing and improving what we already have.

Several updates ago we mentioned that we were figuring out legal stuff related to working with a composer. The good news is that we’ve already finished that, and what’s better, we already have the music composed and produced! During initial launch we will feature 30 minutes of Davi Vasc’s awesome music. You can check him out on his website:

That’s all this week. In the next update we will discuss what we still have to do before release. See you then!

Dev Blog / Update Monday #16
« on: August 22, 2017, 01:58:25 am »


As promised last week, this update will focus on what we’ve done since the last update. Because the list is very long, in this update we will go over what our programmers have been up to and in the next update we will talk about the rest of the team.

Feature #1 - Combat
It’s actually several features instead of one. We still have some work to do on the combat system but majority of the work is done. What’ve already done with combat:
a) Basic one-handed attack
b) Basic shield block
c) Four spells: Fireball, Frostbolt, Flames and Cone of Cold
d) Talent system
e) Mobility talent tree (on the tech side)
f) Combat animation system

Feature #2 - Hunger and thirst system
Your character needs to eat and drink in order to survive. Food and drinks are implemented. Your character says (pop-up text shows above a character) whenever he’s thirsty/hungry. Food buffs are also implemented - the more you eat, for example, mana food, the more total mana your character has - at least until death.

Feature #3 - Basic AI
NPCs and creatures roam the world, they can attack the player or other creatures, they use proper weapons/spells/attacks, they can follow, return to starting place or run away.

Feature #4 - Several creatures
Currently we have a giant rat, wolf and a skeleton. Some more are already imported (like ghoul and kobold) but they don’t their stats and attacks tweaked.

Feature #5 - Faction system
Every NPC and creature belongs to one or more factions. Some factions are hostile to each other, for example guards will attack bandits on sight and undead will attack everything that’s alive. When the player helps NPCs they will like him more and when he kills them they will start to dislike and attack him.

Feature #6 - Death and respawn
When you die the screen will start turning red and after some time you will be respawned at the respawn point. You can set new respawn point by using a bed.

Feature #7 - Grass growing and decay
Small one but important nonetheless. Grass will spread to nearby dirt blocks and it will turn to dirt if a block is placed over it.

Feature #8 - Trees
Trees have a nice falling animation when you cut them down along with leaves/needles particle effect. When they collide with blocks they turn into wood blocks and other items.

Feature #9 - Crafting system
Crafting is fully functional. Every craftable item has a recipe that requires certain number of certain items. You can craft basic items anywhere in handcrafting window and crafting stations allow you to craft more specialized items, like blacksmithing related ones on an anvil.

Feature #10 - Stairs
This one was really tricky to implement. In order to have them working properly we had to take advantage of the fact that we are using three dimensional physics engine in a two dimensional game. Even though what you see on a screen still looks like it’s 2D, the physics behind it are actually 3D.

Feature #11 - Traps
We have already implemented traps like: spikes, moving spikes, saw, swinging axe and dart/spell thrower. Dart/spell thrower actually uses NPCs’ combat abilities so when we add new spells we will be able to quickly add new trap type.

Feature #12 - Tutorial quest chain
Tutorial quest chain explains basics mechanics of the game. This is the first iteration of the tutorial, we have some changes planned for it before release and we will probably rework it in the future.

Feature #13 - Rewritten lighting
We weren’t quite happy with how our lighting was performing so we’ve rewritten it. It’s much faster now, so fast actually, that the GPU right now isn’t the factor that slows down FPS. After we do some basic optimization on processor heavy code, our game will run several times faster than it did before!

Feature #14 - Graphical User Interface
Similar to combat, it’s actually many features under one name.
a) Crafting window - Window used in crafting. It’s has different categories, you can filter recipes by “known” and “have materials”. When you choose a recipe it shows you it’s basic info like required ingredients, required profession level or experience you will get after crafting it.
b) Text pop-ups - They are small comic book like clouds that appear over a character that is speaking.
c) GUI interactions - Quality of life buttons and shortcuts when interacting with interface. For example, when you shift+click on an item it’s transferred between containers, right-clicking on item stack will pick half of that stack etc.
d) Corpse containers - Allows you to loot dead NPCs and creatures.
e) Trading window - Allows you to trade with NPCs.
f) Mains stats/control panel - Displays status bars and numbers for health, stamina and mana, also includes small bars for hunger and thirst, and finally buttons that allow you to open every window in the game (like backpack, journal or handcrafting).
g) Experience bar - Shows you the progress towards next level.
h) Journal - Whenever quest is started, updated and completed the quest journal is updated. You can view every entry in chronological order or filter entries for specific quest you are interested in.

Feature #15 - Updated Modder
Modder is our program that we use to implement content. Whenever we’ve added new feature or item type in game, we’ve updated Modder to support that feature or item type.

Feature #16 - Updated quest system
Work on the quest system is never done. We expand it all the time to allow us to make new types of quests with new mechanics.

Feature #17 - Updated location generator
We’ve added support for plants generation. Location generator can now also spawn creatures. And we’ve reworked how ore generation works.

Whoa, that was quite a lot! There were also many tweaks, bugfixes and tiny features but we think we’ve covered the most interesting parts.

See you next week when we will go over the things that our non-programmer team members have done so far!

Dev Blog / Update Monday #15
« on: August 14, 2017, 10:59:36 pm »

We are back!

We've been silent for quite some time. Why was that?

We were getting very close to initial release date and we knew we won't make it in time. We didn't know what we were standing on, we only knew that we needed more time.

The most reasonable thing to do was to present a really good demo that would convince our investor to give us several more months. And we did. We finished implementing the most core features, polished them to a presentable state and showed it to our investor. It went really well and we got the time we asked for.

So when we will release our game? The new release date is 25/10/2017, two and a half months from now. This time there won't be any major delays, however one or two weeks top could be possible in a worst case scenario.

What can you expect before the release? Due to us not having a dedicated person for marketing we decided to prepare and condense our promotional efforts into one month before release. We are slowly stockpiling different promotional media like screenshots and gameplay videos, and we will be posting them daily during October in order to give our campaign a momentum. In this and the next month we will stick to only weekly Monday Updates.

Next week will talk about what we've been able to accomplish since the last update (and we did a lot!).

See you then!

Dev Blog / New release date
« on: August 14, 2017, 10:58:45 pm »

Dev Blog / Update Monday #14
« on: May 15, 2017, 07:39:31 pm »


Last week Tomek has joined our team. He will be working mostly on level design: creating locations, building structures for world generator, designing dungeons, etc. He will also do a little bit of work on sound effects.

Our programmers are wrapping up versions 0.3 and 0.4, mostly fixing bugs, tweaking and making minor changes. We are aiming to finish work on previous versions by the end of Friday, and move to full time work on version 0.5 in the next week.

Our design team is implementing content that we’ve created but haven’t put into the game yet. We’ve also did some design on combat system and world creation. Omadan has started implementing randomly generated quests from graph files into Unreal blueprints.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more!

Dev Blog / Update Monday #13
« on: May 08, 2017, 09:29:47 pm »


Versions 0.3 and 0.4 are almost done, and some of our programmers have already moved to version 0.5. The majority of the work left in those versions is assigned to our designers: adding content, tweaking parameters and adding sound effects.

Manwe has finished most of his tasks in version 0.3 and 0.4 and now he is working on final touches to quest system in version 0.5. After that, he still has one task to finish from previous versions: stairs. He also has several bugs to fix and changes to implement before he can start other tasks in version 0.5.

Luke has finished working on z-indexes and an ability to wear clothing and armor. He also spent some time optimizing rendering. Right now our game runs about 10x faster than it did before his changes. Currently, he is wrapping up creature animations, and the next big thing he will be working on is the world map.

Kurigalzu stopped working on location generator and moved on to combat system. We will still come back to the location generator later on to make some changes and adjustments but all major things are completed. When it comes to combat system, right now he is working on collisions and basics of the system.

Vermox continued his work on professions and content. Currently, he’s working on GUI for professions which consists of two windows: profession and crafting. Professions window is complete and now he’s working on the crafting one.

Thank you for reading, until the next Update Monday!

Dev Blog / Update Monday #12
« on: April 24, 2017, 08:43:29 pm »


For the past two weeks our progress has been slowed a little bit by Easter Holidays, some of us took several days of leave. However, we still managed to do a lot in that time.

Our design team continued work on big tasks we’ve been working on for the past weeks. Ansambel is working on world generation and professions, while Omadan is designing and writing randomly generated quests. I have been doing some design on professions’ GUI. Piotrek has been working mostly on fixing animation bugs that occured when we converted them from Spriter to Blender. He also drew several armor sprites and did some changes to the plants.

We’ve been also working on recruiting a Level Designer. This recruitment process has been definitely the hardest one we’ve ever had. Usually we clearly knew which candidate was the best. This time it’s not so clear as we have many good candidates. However, we are almost done and we will end this process this week.

Speaking about recruitment, we’ve been lately figuring out legal stuff related to working with someone outside of European Union. By someone I mean the composer we believe to be the right fit for our project. It turns out that laws in Poland are pretty complicated in our specific case, some of them are even contradicting each other. We are hoping to sort this out as soon as possible so the composer will be able to start scoring his awesome music.

That’s all for today, have a nice week!

Dev Blog / Update Monday #11
« on: April 11, 2017, 10:50:46 am »


This week’s update is focused on the programming side of the development. We are about halfway done with versions 0.3 (Core Gameplay) and 0.4 (Polished Gameplay) - which together should give us a playable version with the most core features of our game. We are aiming to wrap those versions up by the end of this month.

Manwe has been mostly working on basics of many systems which we will expand later on. This includes combat, AI, implementation of creatures and world map system. He also checked out some smaller features like thumbnails (dropped items), building and destroying rules and physics bug proofing. He only has two small tasks left in versions 0.3 and 0.4 but we will most likely postpone them so we can start the final touches on our quest and dialogue systems (version 0.5) - mostly related to random generation of quests.

Luke has crossed out some tasks related to rendering - optimization of lighting and world rendering and selected item and NPC highlight and outline. He also implemented and tweaked basic animations like running, jumping, building and mining. The next big thing he will be working on is an ability to display clothing and armor on characters. After that he will only have two more tasks to complete in 0.3 and 0.4: z-indexes and background changes. Z-indexes are responsible for what’s first drawn on the screen. We need to have a system that will sort all the sprites so that they will be displayed in a correct order.

Kurigalzu is working on the second part of the location generator. The first part is focused on terrain generation, mostly mountains and blocks distribution, including ores. The second part consists mainly of cave systems and distribution of flora and fauna. There will be a third part later on focused on random buildings and dungeon generation. The cave generation is almost finished, this week he will move to distribution of plants, creatures and NPCs. Once he finishes this feature, he will start working on combat system in version 0.5.

Vermox is working on professions. The are four main tasks related to them: plants and trees, professions system, implementation of different item types and GUI for professions. Plants and trees are pretty much done, the player can plant them, they will grow and after they’ve grown, the player can harvest them. Professions system is also mostly complete, the player can get experience and level them up, bonuses, formulas and curves are already implemented and fully working. All that is left to do in this task is to implement crafting system. The third task to is implement and integrate with Modder all new item types that are required for professions, like crafting stations, seeds, tools etc. The final part is creating GUI for professions, which will consist of two windows, one for the list of professions with their current levels and experience bars, and the other one for crafting professions.

That’s it this week, see you in the next Update Monday!

Dev Blog / Update Monday #10
« on: March 27, 2017, 09:52:40 pm »


We are wrapping up recruitment process for a Level Designer, we will most likely finish it by the end of next week. We’ve also found the composer for our game and we are pretty much set up. We will let you know who he is when we finish all the paperwork and when he’s officially part of our team :)

Our programmers are working on versions 0.3 and 0.4, we’ve already crossed some smaller tasks out and started work on bigger features like professions system and location generator.

Design team continues work on things we’ve talked about in previous updates, Omadan is focused on randomly generated quests and Ansambel is working on the world generator and professions.

Piotrek, our pixel artist, recently finished sprites for plants which will be used for alchemy, his next big task are animations, both for characters and creatures.
This week’s update is a little shorter than usual, a bigger update is coming next week!

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