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Off-topic / I just found a very similar game
« on: December 18, 2017, 05:58:13 pm »
I randomly discovered a very similar game to Realms of Magic. Well, it's inspired by Terraria and Starbound anyways, but someone is making another sandbox RPG game. It's called Crea:
I'd say that right now it presents better than Realms of Magic (it seems to be longer in development thought). I especially like the water physics, which you can see on a video on Steam.

Looking on Steam, seems like "Terraria clones" are becoming a game genre on their own. Most of them seems to feature space/sci-fi themes, so RoM somewhat stands out. But many of them really look alike.

General / Exclusive demo feedback
« on: October 17, 2017, 01:53:41 am »
(should I write this in English? >_>)
Today I was finally able to play and somewhat finish the exclusive demo from PGA. It's very lacking in features compared to descriptions on the website, so obviously the feedback covers the most basic features (hopefully it's still relevant, because I'm not sure what's supposed to be in game).

As I said after my play-through on PGA, this game is almost like a Starbound clone (people who say it's similar to Terraria didn't play Starbound probably). After playing it for the second time, I noticed that taking damage sounds literally like in Starbound. Well, thanks to very similar gameplay, the game is also intuitive. It gets better later in the sandbox mode, because you gain access to more distinct game feature. This is the direction where the game should evolve - focusing on the RPG elements, like professions or talent trees, which makes it unique.

So, the sandbox mode (if that's what it's called). I tried to complete the tutorial, however it seems impossible in demo, because you can't craft bucket and alchemy station. Most of the quests were straightforward though. I'd say too straightforward. That's the purpose of tutorial, but I felt like implementing it as standard quests wasn't that good. I mean, 1/3 of quests I did before I even accepted them, so I spent most of the time scrolling through the tutorial text. It's quite annoying. There's a better system in Minecraft - the achievements (now advancements). There's sort of quest tree, where you have to do one thing, which then unlocks more things that required it. Realms of Magic could have something similar in place of current tutorial, and current quest descriptions would appear when you hover over their icons in the tutorial window. Although don't repeat Minecraft's mistake and make sure that newly unlocked quests are automatically finished when you completed them before unlocking (like it is now).
There's also minor bug connected with tutorial window, which makes it stuck if there's no following quest. Normally you get list of available quests, but when you complete a quest that doesn't unlock next one, you have to close the window with X-button (ESC doesn't seem to work when this happens).

The profession system is interesting, although gaining first few levels on some professions is really a chore. I wanted to upgrade my Tin Pickaxe, so I had to mine tons of tin to smelt it to upgrade my Smelting profession, then when I finally smelted copper, I had to make more tin stuff to upgrade my Blacksmithing. Unfortunately, tin is quite uncommon, especially when compared to salt and coal which you can find in much larger amounts. So going deep underground looking for lots of tin was horrible. You also have to do this when you want to smelt glass. I understand it's demo, so in the future you might get more opportunities to upgrade your Smelting/Blacksmithing (like more things to smelt etc.), so hopefully the beginning won't be so bothersome.
Also, talking about professions, this system really has potential. Would be cool if there were talent trees connected to professions, so e.g. when you upgrade your mining, you can then get a talent that allows you to mine faster or more efficiently, or find rare materials you wouldn't get otherwise. There's lots of possibilities, so please don't waste them :v
From more obvious stuff, each profession should have short description on what to do to increase it's exp and what levelling it does (would be nice if levelling e.g. woodcutting, aside from unlocking talents, would make you cut trees slightly faster etc.).

Some comments on crafting interface. It's well-done right now (totally not like in Starbound :v ), but could get few improvements. Most important one is search feature. It should let you search for specific item, and for convenience, it should be auto-focused (so writing anything automatically starts search), or at least have a hotkey.
Another important improvement would be automatically crafting intermediate ingredients. There seems to be few of them, e.g. when you want to craft chest, you need wood, nails, hinges and lock (IIRC). Well, it's ok if you want to craft one chest, but getting all these middle ingredients each time you want to make a chest is a chore. I played a game which did the same, and they scrapped the system in favor of crafting from raw iron. This system is not necessarily bad, but after you craft an item for the first time, you should then be able to craft it from raw ingredients, without need to get nails and stuff again. That would actually be quite unique compared to how other games to this.
And some minor things. When I first used crafting, it wasn't clear for me how many items will be crafted. I mean, you can craft 4 planks from 1 wood, but it should be more obvious. Right now, it's somewhat easy to overlook this information. And for last thing, it should be possible to type the number of things you want to craft, instead of changing the amount one by one.

I think that's it from major stuff. I have some more various notes left.

When I first entered sandbox mode, I had some sort of bug, where selecting an item would turn off your torch. It didn't happen today, so I'm not sure what caused this. I had to re-light the torch each time I selected different block.

There's no drop button. Well, you can't see/change controls, so I'm not sure about this, but I tried the keys other games use and you can't drop items in other way than placing them in drop slot. This is dumb, because you can't e.g. throw something to the right without moving the inventory window (XD).

You can't destroy background blocks below solid blocks. This is not really an issue, or wouldn't be if not the fact, that some background tiles stick out their space, so you have to destroy overlying block to destroy them to again place the block, so you have clear background.

When you pick up an item, there's a small message in bottom-right corner, which also gets updated to x2, x3 etc. when you get more of this item. The problem is, the message disappears even if you keep collecting the item, so it keeps resetting if you mine something etc. Yes, I noticed this detail.

Some furniture are awkward to place. When I first wanted to place furnace, I thought it's bugged and you can't do this, because it just didn't appear on ground. I then discovered that you have to move your cursor in a very right spot for furnace to appear. It's very non-intuitive. Especially since it seems to affect only some of the items.

Auto-save should be done more in the background. Right now, a notice appears in the center and game freezes for second or two. Maybe there's a way to do this in parallel thread or something, and make an auto-save icon in the corner instead of message, so it doesn't interrupt gameplay that much.

A nice addition would be smart cursor, like in Terraria. When I was digging deep underground, I though it should be easier to make corridors, especially since you can dig only one block at a time. (btw, I also thought it would be cool to hire NPC to do the mining and was nicely surprised that it's already planned feature)

And probably last thing - not sure what caused it, but I noticed that maximum jump height can vary. Sometimes I could jump 3 tiles high, and sometimes up to 5. I know that it's connected with stamina, but it seemed more like a physics issue, since it happened when my stamina was full too.
Talking about jump and stamina, tying these two is a very bad idea. Jump is crucial in 2D platformers and I felt really hard how limiting it hinders gameplay (especially when thirst slowed down my stamina regeneration when I was at the bottom of the world). Stamina for dashing is ok, it could also be used for some special attacks and such, but for jumping... not really.

Well, that's a lot of feedback. Hopefully you will find it useful.
Can I get a free Early Access key for writing this?

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