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Questions / Re: Questions about Necromancy
« Last post by Zakharn on May 22, 2017, 05:00:04 pm »
I've just noticed that I haven't answer your previous question about permadeath and respawn system. We haven't finally decided if we will be using respawn or save-load system, but we will definitely have permadeath option no matter which option we'll go with.

We are using classic 3 resource system: Health, Stamina and Mana.

The problem with sacrificing stamina for mana is that it would probably make Liches the best way to play a mage as they don't really care about their stamina that much and there wouldn't really be a downside.

We could instead make some serious debuffs to health to reflect Liches' physical fragility and give them an ability to resurrect in combat. While they are being dead their minions could continue damaging the oppent and Lich could resurrect in the right moment to finish enemies off. That way becoming a Lich would be optional to mages and not necessary. And Death Knights wouldn't go that path since they deal big chunk of the damage themselves and having lower HP would damage their potential too much to be viable. However, if someone really wanted to create a Death Knight with phylactery, they could.

This is the biggest design philosophy we follow - to give players as much freedom as possible, even if that means giving them ability to screw themselves :)
Questions / Re: Questions about Necromancy
« Last post by TheCreepyGuy on May 19, 2017, 09:01:25 pm »
Ah, I see. I do hope that there will be a penalty to physical combat for creating a phylactery, as according to me it would make no sense for a Death Knight to have a phylactery. If you are going to use a separate stamina and mana system then a easy thing to do would be a buff to max-mana and mana-reg while debuffing max-stamina and stamina-reg.

To clarify, a Lich is a mage becoming immortal to expand their magical knowledge and explore the arcane, but as they are made of pure magic their strength dwindles. While Death Knight are made out of enchanted bones making them stronger.
Questions / Re: Questions about Necromancy
« Last post by Zakharn on May 19, 2017, 05:26:26 pm »
We will probably explore the phylactery idea later on in the development.

However we don't want to make clear distinctions between character classes, we want to give the players an ability to mix and match different skills to create characters they want. For example, the Death Knight would be a deathless that specializes both in necromancy and physicals combat skills like heavy armor and melee weapons.
Questions / Re: Questions about Necromancy
« Last post by TheCreepyGuy on May 19, 2017, 04:31:42 pm »
The only games that have somewhat satisfied me is Dwarf Fortress in adventure mode. It feels so good to have like 100+ zombies while attacking villages and towns.

Thanks for answering the questions, if you get this off it will probably become one of my favorite games. :)

Also, in my opinions you should be able to evolve from Deathless to either a Lich or Death Knight. The major thing about Liches is the phylactery and the major thing about Death Knights are their strength.

As a Lich I think you should be able to bind yourself to any object, even NPC's if you want. If you die you simply respawn at that place, but if it is destroyed you're doomed. That reminds me, will there be perma-death or a respawn system? I myself would prefer perma-death in these kind of games.
Questions / Re: Questions about Necromancy
« Last post by Zakharn on May 19, 2017, 03:55:08 pm »
Hey, welcome to our forums!

Before I answer your questions let's talk about necromancy in different games. I always loved fantasy of a powerful necromancer who is able control huge armies of undead. However I haven't played a game that allowed me to fulfill that fantasy. All I could do in other games is controlling a handful of minions.

I believe that our game could fulfill this fantasy. While you won't be able to have your whole army with you at all times, you will be able to have towns, or maybe crypts and dungeons, run by them, which should give you the feeling that you are controlling vast hordes of the undead.

1. Players will be able to transform their characters into three different templates: deathless (conscious undead), a vampire and a werewolf. If you want to roleplay a lich you should play as a deathless mage. This feature is planned after Early Access launch. We will probably implement deathless first because we already have sprites for them, werewolves and vampires will be coming a little bit later.

2A. You will be able to do exactly that! Necromancers and demonologists will be able to use their undead and demon minions instead of usual NPCs. And you can certainly play as a kind necromancer who is using death magic for the greater good.

3. Probably yes but not all of them. You will be able to equip NPCs living in your town and all undead creatures that are based on playable races like skeletons and deathless. We have no plans for this feature for non-humanoid undead creatures like ghosts or abominations.

4. Unfortunately not during Early Access launch. At launch we will only have the bare bones of magic system. Currently we are planning to focus the first big update on magic schools and it should be released several months after the initial launch. Necromancy is definitely one of the first magic schools we will work on.

Have you found any games with good necromancy systems during your search? If yes then please let us know :)
Questions / Questions about Necromancy
« Last post by TheCreepyGuy on May 19, 2017, 12:14:49 am »
I found Realms of Magic when I was searching for a game with a good necromancy system, and from reading on your site this looks promising. But I was wondering how the necromancy system will work and I have some specific questions.

1. Will we be able to turn into a Lich or similar?
2. According to the website, we will be able to make a city and my question is: Will we be able to make it 'undead' powered? Basically having skeletons and/or zombies doing the mining and work while our citizens go on with their daily life. All Necromancers aren't evil, and it would be refreshing if we would be able to play as a kind one.
3. Will we be able to equip our minions?
4. Will Necromancy be available in the first release? :)
Dev Blog / Update Monday #14
« Last post by Zakharn on May 15, 2017, 07:39:31 pm »


Last week Tomek has joined our team. He will be working mostly on level design: creating locations, building structures for world generator, designing dungeons, etc. He will also do a little bit of work on sound effects.

Our programmers are wrapping up versions 0.3 and 0.4, mostly fixing bugs, tweaking and making minor changes. We are aiming to finish work on previous versions by the end of Friday, and move to full time work on version 0.5 in the next week.

Our design team is implementing content that we’ve created but haven’t put into the game yet. We’ve also did some design on combat system and world creation. Omadan has started implementing randomly generated quests from graph files into Unreal blueprints.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more!
Dev Blog / Update Monday #13
« Last post by Zakharn on May 08, 2017, 09:29:47 pm »


Versions 0.3 and 0.4 are almost done, and some of our programmers have already moved to version 0.5. The majority of the work left in those versions is assigned to our designers: adding content, tweaking parameters and adding sound effects.

Manwe has finished most of his tasks in version 0.3 and 0.4 and now he is working on final touches to quest system in version 0.5. After that, he still has one task to finish from previous versions: stairs. He also has several bugs to fix and changes to implement before he can start other tasks in version 0.5.

Luke has finished working on z-indexes and an ability to wear clothing and armor. He also spent some time optimizing rendering. Right now our game runs about 10x faster than it did before his changes. Currently, he is wrapping up creature animations, and the next big thing he will be working on is the world map.

Kurigalzu stopped working on location generator and moved on to combat system. We will still come back to the location generator later on to make some changes and adjustments but all major things are completed. When it comes to combat system, right now he is working on collisions and basics of the system.

Vermox continued his work on professions and content. Currently, he’s working on GUI for professions which consists of two windows: profession and crafting. Professions window is complete and now he’s working on the crafting one.

Thank you for reading, until the next Update Monday!
Dev Blog / Update Monday #12
« Last post by Zakharn on April 24, 2017, 08:43:29 pm »


For the past two weeks our progress has been slowed a little bit by Easter Holidays, some of us took several days of leave. However, we still managed to do a lot in that time.

Our design team continued work on big tasks we’ve been working on for the past weeks. Ansambel is working on world generation and professions, while Omadan is designing and writing randomly generated quests. I have been doing some design on professions’ GUI. Piotrek has been working mostly on fixing animation bugs that occured when we converted them from Spriter to Blender. He also drew several armor sprites and did some changes to the plants.

We’ve been also working on recruiting a Level Designer. This recruitment process has been definitely the hardest one we’ve ever had. Usually we clearly knew which candidate was the best. This time it’s not so clear as we have many good candidates. However, we are almost done and we will end this process this week.

Speaking about recruitment, we’ve been lately figuring out legal stuff related to working with someone outside of European Union. By someone I mean the composer we believe to be the right fit for our project. It turns out that laws in Poland are pretty complicated in our specific case, some of them are even contradicting each other. We are hoping to sort this out as soon as possible so the composer will be able to start scoring his awesome music.

That’s all for today, have a nice week!
Dev Blog / Update Monday #11
« Last post by Zakharn on April 11, 2017, 10:50:46 am »


This week’s update is focused on the programming side of the development. We are about halfway done with versions 0.3 (Core Gameplay) and 0.4 (Polished Gameplay) - which together should give us a playable version with the most core features of our game. We are aiming to wrap those versions up by the end of this month.

Manwe has been mostly working on basics of many systems which we will expand later on. This includes combat, AI, implementation of creatures and world map system. He also checked out some smaller features like thumbnails (dropped items), building and destroying rules and physics bug proofing. He only has two small tasks left in versions 0.3 and 0.4 but we will most likely postpone them so we can start the final touches on our quest and dialogue systems (version 0.5) - mostly related to random generation of quests.

Luke has crossed out some tasks related to rendering - optimization of lighting and world rendering and selected item and NPC highlight and outline. He also implemented and tweaked basic animations like running, jumping, building and mining. The next big thing he will be working on is an ability to display clothing and armor on characters. After that he will only have two more tasks to complete in 0.3 and 0.4: z-indexes and background changes. Z-indexes are responsible for what’s first drawn on the screen. We need to have a system that will sort all the sprites so that they will be displayed in a correct order.

Kurigalzu is working on the second part of the location generator. The first part is focused on terrain generation, mostly mountains and blocks distribution, including ores. The second part consists mainly of cave systems and distribution of flora and fauna. There will be a third part later on focused on random buildings and dungeon generation. The cave generation is almost finished, this week he will move to distribution of plants, creatures and NPCs. Once he finishes this feature, he will start working on combat system in version 0.5.

Vermox is working on professions. The are four main tasks related to them: plants and trees, professions system, implementation of different item types and GUI for professions. Plants and trees are pretty much done, the player can plant them, they will grow and after they’ve grown, the player can harvest them. Professions system is also mostly complete, the player can get experience and level them up, bonuses, formulas and curves are already implemented and fully working. All that is left to do in this task is to implement crafting system. The third task to is implement and integrate with Modder all new item types that are required for professions, like crafting stations, seeds, tools etc. The final part is creating GUI for professions, which will consist of two windows, one for the list of professions with their current levels and experience bars, and the other one for crafting professions.

That’s it this week, see you in the next Update Monday!
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