Author Topic: Update Monday #15  (Read 647 times)

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Update Monday #15
« on: August 14, 2017, 10:59:36 pm »

We are back!

We've been silent for quite some time. Why was that?

We were getting very close to initial release date and we knew we won't make it in time. We didn't know what we were standing on, we only knew that we needed more time.

The most reasonable thing to do was to present a really good demo that would convince our investor to give us several more months. And we did. We finished implementing the most core features, polished them to a presentable state and showed it to our investor. It went really well and we got the time we asked for.

So when we will release our game? The new release date is 25/10/2017, two and a half months from now. This time there won't be any major delays, however one or two weeks top could be possible in a worst case scenario.

What can you expect before the release? Due to us not having a dedicated person for marketing we decided to prepare and condense our promotional efforts into one month before release. We are slowly stockpiling different promotional media like screenshots and gameplay videos, and we will be posting them daily during October in order to give our campaign a momentum. In this and the next month we will stick to only weekly Monday Updates.

Next week will talk about what we've been able to accomplish since the last update (and we did a lot!).

See you then!
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