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Update Monday #16
« on: August 22, 2017, 01:58:25 am »


As promised last week, this update will focus on what we’ve done since the last update. Because the list is very long, in this update we will go over what our programmers have been up to and in the next update we will talk about the rest of the team.

Feature #1 - Combat
It’s actually several features instead of one. We still have some work to do on the combat system but majority of the work is done. What’ve already done with combat:
a) Basic one-handed attack
b) Basic shield block
c) Four spells: Fireball, Frostbolt, Flames and Cone of Cold
d) Talent system
e) Mobility talent tree (on the tech side)
f) Combat animation system

Feature #2 - Hunger and thirst system
Your character needs to eat and drink in order to survive. Food and drinks are implemented. Your character says (pop-up text shows above a character) whenever he’s thirsty/hungry. Food buffs are also implemented - the more you eat, for example, mana food, the more total mana your character has - at least until death.

Feature #3 - Basic AI
NPCs and creatures roam the world, they can attack the player or other creatures, they use proper weapons/spells/attacks, they can follow, return to starting place or run away.

Feature #4 - Several creatures
Currently we have a giant rat, wolf and a skeleton. Some more are already imported (like ghoul and kobold) but they don’t their stats and attacks tweaked.

Feature #5 - Faction system
Every NPC and creature belongs to one or more factions. Some factions are hostile to each other, for example guards will attack bandits on sight and undead will attack everything that’s alive. When the player helps NPCs they will like him more and when he kills them they will start to dislike and attack him.

Feature #6 - Death and respawn
When you die the screen will start turning red and after some time you will be respawned at the respawn point. You can set new respawn point by using a bed.

Feature #7 - Grass growing and decay
Small one but important nonetheless. Grass will spread to nearby dirt blocks and it will turn to dirt if a block is placed over it.

Feature #8 - Trees
Trees have a nice falling animation when you cut them down along with leaves/needles particle effect. When they collide with blocks they turn into wood blocks and other items.

Feature #9 - Crafting system
Crafting is fully functional. Every craftable item has a recipe that requires certain number of certain items. You can craft basic items anywhere in handcrafting window and crafting stations allow you to craft more specialized items, like blacksmithing related ones on an anvil.

Feature #10 - Stairs
This one was really tricky to implement. In order to have them working properly we had to take advantage of the fact that we are using three dimensional physics engine in a two dimensional game. Even though what you see on a screen still looks like it’s 2D, the physics behind it are actually 3D.

Feature #11 - Traps
We have already implemented traps like: spikes, moving spikes, saw, swinging axe and dart/spell thrower. Dart/spell thrower actually uses NPCs’ combat abilities so when we add new spells we will be able to quickly add new trap type.

Feature #12 - Tutorial quest chain
Tutorial quest chain explains basics mechanics of the game. This is the first iteration of the tutorial, we have some changes planned for it before release and we will probably rework it in the future.

Feature #13 - Rewritten lighting
We weren’t quite happy with how our lighting was performing so we’ve rewritten it. It’s much faster now, so fast actually, that the GPU right now isn’t the factor that slows down FPS. After we do some basic optimization on processor heavy code, our game will run several times faster than it did before!

Feature #14 - Graphical User Interface
Similar to combat, it’s actually many features under one name.
a) Crafting window - Window used in crafting. It’s has different categories, you can filter recipes by “known” and “have materials”. When you choose a recipe it shows you it’s basic info like required ingredients, required profession level or experience you will get after crafting it.
b) Text pop-ups - They are small comic book like clouds that appear over a character that is speaking.
c) GUI interactions - Quality of life buttons and shortcuts when interacting with interface. For example, when you shift+click on an item it’s transferred between containers, right-clicking on item stack will pick half of that stack etc.
d) Corpse containers - Allows you to loot dead NPCs and creatures.
e) Trading window - Allows you to trade with NPCs.
f) Mains stats/control panel - Displays status bars and numbers for health, stamina and mana, also includes small bars for hunger and thirst, and finally buttons that allow you to open every window in the game (like backpack, journal or handcrafting).
g) Experience bar - Shows you the progress towards next level.
h) Journal - Whenever quest is started, updated and completed the quest journal is updated. You can view every entry in chronological order or filter entries for specific quest you are interested in.

Feature #15 - Updated Modder
Modder is our program that we use to implement content. Whenever we’ve added new feature or item type in game, we’ve updated Modder to support that feature or item type.

Feature #16 - Updated quest system
Work on the quest system is never done. We expand it all the time to allow us to make new types of quests with new mechanics.

Feature #17 - Updated location generator
We’ve added support for plants generation. Location generator can now also spawn creatures. And we’ve reworked how ore generation works.

Whoa, that was quite a lot! There were also many tweaks, bugfixes and tiny features but we think we’ve covered the most interesting parts.

See you next week when we will go over the things that our non-programmer team members have done so far!
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