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Update Monday #17
« on: August 28, 2017, 09:51:42 pm »


Last week we talked about what our programmers have done recently and this week we will focus on what was the rest of our team doing.

Let’s begin with mechanics and content design. Me (Zakharn) and Ansambel have finished designing every major feature and majority of content that will be present in the first release version of Realms of Magic. The only big feature related to mechanics design is combat system. We already have very solid basics, however given the very dynamic nature of combat, it’s something that’s very hard to do right on a paper. We are going through as much combat system iterations as possible to make sure it’s fun and satisfying. We expect that the final result will be very different from the initial design we’ve created.

Another thing me and Ansambel have done is implementation of content. Every item in the game has many different variables that define what it is and how it behaves, for example its texture and icon, its value, crafting recipe, interactive behaviour (doors for example need an animation) and much more. Currently we have about one thousand items used in the game, and also another thousand that aren’t used anywhere in the game yet but are already implemented in the game’s files. Some time ago files containing items data became too messy due to their number, so we decided to reimplement every item from scratch in a way that will keep them organized in the future. Fortunately, we were able to do it quite fast thanks to Modder - program created by Vermox that allows us to implement content in timely and efficient manner.

Omadan was mostly working on quests and NPCs’ dialogue. So here is what we currently have:
1. Random quests - They are simple quests that are randomly generated. They may not be the most exciting part of the game but they will fill the world and will always give the player something to do. Right now we have about 50 of them.
2. Handmade quests - These quests are more interesting as every one of them is written individually and is connected to specific places and NPCs. We’ve started work on them very recently and we will spend most of Omadan’s time until release on them.
3. Guild quests - Currently we have quests for Sellswords, a guild that recruits, well, sellswords. We also have quests written for the Temple, however we will release them some time after initial launch because they were made on older version of quest and dialogue system and will need to be ported to the new system.
4. Random encounters - These are NPCs you will meet when traveling in wilderness, outside of towns and villages. Right now we have over 30 random encounter NPCs with something interesting to say.
5. NPCs’ dialogues - Every NPC living in a city or a village has a written dialogue. Currently we have dialogues for about 100 NPCs.

Depczyk, our level designer and SFX artist, has been mostly working on sound effects. He managed to create SFXs for pretty much everything we currently have in the game, including interface, movement, items, combat and creatures. We will still need new sound effects for the content and features we are now working on but majority of sound related work is done. When it comes to level design, we finished work on basic design and are now focused on producing handmade locations. We already have created one village and are now wrapping up work on the first big city.

Piotrek, our pixel artist, has been working on many different things: interface, character and creature animations, new city tileset, new items for existing tilesets, clutter items, weapons, plants and more. Most of his work is already done, we are now wrapping up smaller things we have left and will soon move to polishing and improving what we already have.

Several updates ago we mentioned that we were figuring out legal stuff related to working with a composer. The good news is that we’ve already finished that, and what’s better, we already have the music composed and produced! During initial launch we will feature 30 minutes of Davi Vasc’s awesome music. You can check him out on his website:

That’s all this week. In the next update we will discuss what we still have to do before release. See you then!
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