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Update Monday #18
« on: September 04, 2017, 07:45:26 pm »


In this update we will go over what we are planning to do before release. Similar to the last two updates, we will split it into two parts, this week we will focus on programming and next week we will talk about design.

Manwe has three tasks planned. The first one is improving Artificial Intelligence which consists of two parts. The first part of AI improvements is movement - we need to teach NPCs how to use platforms, open doors, jump when necessary and stop falling from the cliffs. The second part is teaching them how to better use combat skills and spells. After working on AI he will move to cave generation. Kurigalzu already implemented basic cave generation system, but we still need to improve some things like generation of cave entrances and interior generation - placing objects, creatures and NPCs. The last task is the one he is currently working on - optimization. He already rewritten lighting which lowered GPU usage and right now he will focus on optimizing CPU.

Vermox will be working mostly on GUI. Currently he is working on three parts of the interface related to combat: talents window, spellbook and the action bar. In talents window you are able to spend talents points in one of the several skill trees. After you learn new skills or spells they will appear in the spellbook, from which you will be able to move these skills/spells to the action bar in order to use them in combat. When combat related GUI is finished he will move to the last big part of the interface, the world map window, which will allow you to explore the world by travelling to different locations. After that, all that will be left to do are small tweaks to professions, Modder and GUI.

Kurigalzu is working on the combat system. We already have talent system and core mechanics for three skill trees: One-handed, Mobility and Defense. Right now he is finalizing these skill trees by integrating them with GUI and animations. After that he will implement Fire and Frost skill trees. We would also like to implement Archery skill tree but we are currently not sure if we will implement it in time before release. Except for talent related tasks he will be also working on implementing new creatures and their special attacks.

Thatís all for today, see you next week!
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