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« on: October 12, 2017, 10:08:17 am »

Hello guys!

First of all thanks for the demo key, that was really kind of you to send it to me.

Last night I've managed to squeeze an hour or so of play in my daily boogie and I was able to take a look at the character creation, the tutorial dungeon and a little bit of the crafting system.

I have to say I'm really impressed by your work. Even just with the bare bones of the game you can already see the immense potential it has:
The pixel art is truly nice; craftables are beautifully detailed and well built and the environment makes for a smooth frame where interactable objects stand out and are easily recognizable.
Animations are very fluid and their slightly goofy, puppet-like design gives that lovely retro feel that evokes the glories of our classic gaming times.
The tutorial runs nice and easy with simple yet effective explanations, covering all of the basics without overwhelming walls of text and even including a couple of hidden secrets in the very first beginner dungeon giving immediately the idea of the importance of world exploration.

There are very few things amiss with this pre-alpha honestly.
I was expecting to encounter more bugs frankly, but aside from a few ghost blocks on the surface and a missing object in the first few tutorial quests (the water bucket is missing or I can't see it anywhere in the workbench menu ;p), there's very little to report at the moment.
The character creation is IMO a little clunky due to the sheer amount of options available (which in my book is a good thing, I adore variety in customization), but given the fact that in the trailer a much more practical and advanced character creation system is shown, I assume this one is just a placeholder. A couple of the options in the character art don't look on par with the majority of them and could use some additional detailing (namely in the eyes/mouth category); also one or two of the darkest skin tones' shading looks a little bit off to me.
The predefined UI scaling is way too small, but given the option to adjust it by means of just a couple of simple clicks, it becomes a total non-issue.

And that's it. Even wanting to be as much of an unforgiving bastard as I can (lol) there's truly nothing else to add to the criticism list... :)

I'll just add an idea, since I've read about "multiple layers" in one of the other posts.

How about having multiple MAPS instead of multiple layers?
What I mean is implementing a sort of "world map" overview (much like Starbound with the galaxy or Regions of Ruin with the explorable world map) and putting in place a system of fast travel between smaller, procedurally generated instances similar to the tutorial one.

This way you could avoid having an overly large and complicated world with multiple biomes Terraria style and instead go for a system of smaller ones connected by fast travel and possibly an invasion system to let NPCS from the other instances attack the player's home.

Cheers, keep up the good work and thank you all again!

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Re: Impressions
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2017, 11:55:22 am »
Hey! Thanks for your massive feedback, it was a pleasure reading it :)

Your idea at the end pretty much describes our world map system, which is disabled in demo version. When you travel to the edge of a location you can open up a world map and choose another location to travel to.
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Re: Impressions
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2017, 09:16:40 am »

^ Great! I'm very glad to be of assistance. I only regret I have very limited time at the moment :(

I was able to try out more of the game; this time I focused on farming and mining.

Growing crops is pretty straightforward and easy; you find the seeds, tilt the soil, plant et voilą it's done. Vegetables are nicely made and their variety makes it all interesting, in the future all kind of recipes could stem from this, all with different food values to make veggies farming a very convenient and rewarding activity for those who want to experience the farmer life :)
At the moment however fruit trees is where the money's at. It's a little harder to obtain the seeds, but once you do and the tree fully grows your food problems are pretty much over, which means that those who have limited interest in developing their base economy and prefer to go on adventuring most of the time will be able to do so without concerning too much about risking food shortages.
The only thing that could potentially become an issue in the development of a large and complex colony is space. Agriculture has a considerable "horizontal impact" running the risk to stretch out the boundaries of a completely self-sufficient settlement. Then again this could be resolved with a little "Hanging Gardens" creativity

The whole system is simple and well thought out, the only thing I could suggest is to make the seed the guaranteed yield from harvest, rather than the fruit, making the number of fruits obtained from a single harvest totally skill dependent (which, from what I could tell, already at least partially is, correct?): an unskilled farmer will get at most 1 yield, with a chance to even squander the harvest entirely, while an experienced agriculturist will obtain maximum results, which in turn would also solve the space problems by limiting the amount of crops needed.
Fruit trees and bushes mechanics, on the other hand, should remain unchanged.

About mining I don't have a whole lot to say, it'a all standard procedure: dig a hole in the ground and go look for those materials and ores. Takes forever at start, but as soon as you find a decent amount of tin and upgrade your tools already life becomes way easier. I didn't have the time to go beyond tin, specially because blacksmithing skill takes a while to level (which is good; nothing should be just handed to the player, everything should require hard work), but I imagine all of it pretty much snowballs in the higher tiers.
I haven't really tried crafting armors or weapons, since the stats haven't been implemented yet (at least on armors) there was really no reason to do so. All I can talk a little bit about is the look which at first glance is pretty darn good!

Looking forward to more RoM in the near future... GG guys! ;)