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Quality of the UI / controls
« on: December 07, 2017, 10:00:06 am »

I picked up the game yesterday on Steam and played through the tutorial, so far it looks good! The one thing I really appreciated and wanted to mention to you guys is the work done on the UI / controls. Many games of this genre are (in my opinion) plagued by a very tedious UI and annoying controls, but you guys seem to have put some effort into this. Small things like the "multitool" slot in the equipment bar, the quick switch to a torch or the combat/exploration mode switch make the experience so much smoother than in similar titles. The different UI panels are also quite nice and clear.

So yeah, my only suggestion is to please continue making sure your UI and controls are clear, smart and fluid, that's a game changer in my opinion!

Thanks, looking forward to play more and see some updates in the future!


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Re: Quality of the UI / controls
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