Author Topic: Feedback, my ideas, and bug reporting  (Read 241 times)

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Feedback, my ideas, and bug reporting
« on: December 19, 2017, 02:55:03 am »

First of all, excellent game and great concept.  You seem to be on top of it as developers, great music.  All in all this ticks many boxes that I have been looking for in an open world sandbox RPG, so for that I thank you sincerely.

My ideas for future updates:

Class related skills, such as orcs hitting harder, but with drawbacks such as slower walking and attack speed, also with class related skills such as orc fury when health depletes below 25% they speed up and hit 50% extra damage.  Elves with lower health but nimble footed specialising in double shot with bows.  Undead or vampire or zombie class doesn't regenerate hit points during the day, but they regenerate double at night time.  Maybe a vampire, undead class that only regenerates by consuming corpses, and has no need to eat food.  I have ideas for each of the classes which I'm more than happy to share, but I have a funny feeling that you are already implementing ideas like this!

Class related socialisation, humans meeting human NPC's have positive reactions to each other, for example if you are a dwarf, you couldn't attack a dwarfen underground lair.  Or perhaps even a scale of socialisation.  Complete 10 missions for the humans and they will offer discounts when the buying and selling options get implemented.

Rarity of weapons and armour, maybe a ten star rating, 1 being common and 10 being ultimate legendary, or perhaps a colour scheme.

Gunpowder, by grinding coal and mixing with ground flint, which can later be mixed with arrows and cloth to make explosive arrows, and even to add to flasks to make explosive thrown weapons.  The possibilities are endless.

Carcass decay, maybe having the carcasses of animals and defeated enemies decaying over time then being able to get farmed for compost which can be used to speed up the growth of planted trees and vegetables, along with a pine compost container.  Also maybe bones that can be harvested as another craftable compound that can be ground down for bonemeal.

Consequences, especially if you raid a bandit camp, then a few day and night cycles later the returning warriors to the bandit camp and whom are seeking payback, which could also introduce the next idea.

Trapping, with maybe sharpened sticks, bones and perhaps the option of more advanced traps maybe mixed with ropes, wood and springs to make a trap which catapults an enemy or an unsuspecting rabbit many metres into the air with a fall to their death.  I thought this idea would bring a bit of hilarity and an extra concept!

Multiplayer, this would just be awesome, but I noticed the lock icon in the top right of containers so I'm guessing you are already in the process of this!

An ability to farm animals without the need to kill them, such as eggs from the chickens and wool from the sheep.  Either that or respawning animals every few days.

Introduction of rings, maybe 2-8 equpiable slots depending on the race chosen (I think possibly dwarfs could have 3 fingers each hand, orcs 2, humans 4). Just a novel idea, with the rings adding a few hit points, or regeneration of mana, stamina or health.

The ability to open a shop, and have other players visit you, but with a locked terrain the same as the town's you visit, as to stop others coming and destroying your shop.

Dungeons!!!!!!!!  Apart from the two dungeons other side of the starting area I have not noticed any others but the premade ones on the map.  Multiplayer questing online would be epic!

In the talent tree and option of faster experience gain.  Just a thought.

Something at the very very bottom of the maps.  I mined all the way to the bottom and was a bit sad to find nothing.  Even as a novel idea to have a concept such as journeying to the centre of the earth, and the gravity being heavier so your jumping is impeded.  Maybe introducing something completely new which other similar games don't have.

Player comfort, comfortable when in shelter, very hot and dehydrated when you are deep underground due to the heat and a 50 increase in the need for water.  Just a thought.

The need to sleep, after a good few in game hours requiring to sleep as fatigue would affect your character.  Again class customisation could come into this, for example the undead not requiring to sleep, or them having to sleep in a pine coffin, oak coffin etc.  The quality of the bed, or resting device used, giving a boost in experience gain or hit point regeneration as a temporary boost.

Weapon and armour degradation.  Perhaps after much use they need maintained, weapons restored with sharpening stones, or sharpening wheels, armours fixed at a repair bench.

Various status effects, such as bladed weapons causing bleeding, poison damage, but certain classes having immunities to certain effects.

I understand that you most likely have most, if not all of these ideas covered as you really seem to be on top of everything.  So even if a tiny idea or snippet that I have sugested helps in anyway, then im glad to have helped.  I'm looking forward to the future updates.

Bugs, ideas for current changes:

The only bug I have encountered this far, is sometimes when you are using the hoe.  If you scroll to something on your hotbar such as seeds using the mouse wheel while the mouse pointer hovers over the tile which you have used the hoe on.  The earth tile sometimes disappears forcing you to replace that earth tile, hoe it again then plant your seed.  I can provide a video on YouTube with a link to the video if you require.

I think many people have mentioned already, but the balancing of the ores seems to be addressed.  Copper in general tends to get missed out altogether due to the rarity of it, and generally it causes the player to spam tin, bronze and iron generally skipping out copper altogether giving perhaps a wonky tool and armour progression.

The hoe in general seems to be pointless in progression, it is very slow to prepare the earth regardless if it is stone or iron.  It would be fantastic if the hoe at higher levels was able to prepare the earth at the same rate as the speed in which you can plant seeds.  Also prepared earth using the hoe reverts back to a grassy state very quickly making farming a non stop process of using the hoe.  This genuinely is my only gripe with the game.

With your permission would I be able to create a beginner's guide, an advanced guide and expert guide on this forum which I will update as the game progresses accordingly?

Thank you again for everything so far.  This game to me is most definitely the steam game of the year, and it's still in early access!!  I have a few YouTuber friends, one in particular who is very excited by Realms of Magic and he is keen to cover it.