Author Topic: Bug Report while Completing Quests  (Read 260 times)

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Bug Report while Completing Quests
« on: December 31, 2017, 10:48:58 am »
Really enjoying the game so far, about 60 hours of game play so far. But I have noticed a few things.
1. In one of my games the Obos quest stalled out and wont allow me to give him the 20 raw chicken meat.
2. In the game i started after the most recent patch to see if that was fixed, I made a leather backpack while inventory was full, materials where used but no backpack spawned.
3. And most importantly the big bug. While completing quests in Woodbury I came fully loaded with gear to sell as well as the items needed to complete the quests. To make sure I didn't sell them by mistake I moved the items to the Toolbar, when I went to complete the quest i got the goods for completing the quest but it didn't remove the items from my Toolbar ex. the red hat quest, if you have 5 in the toolbar you can exploit it for as many bells, candles and wreaths as you want. or move the dress for the lady up there and after completing quest i got the water bottles but the dress was still on the toolbar (I did that to double check if it was just the hats that did it or if it was any quest item).
Hope this helps