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We are still alive!
« on: March 18, 2016, 05:34:45 pm »
After failing our Kickstarter campaign we were talking with our investor about what’s next. Fortunately he is very pleased with our progress and the current state of the game, and he agreed to cover the sum we wanted to raise through Kickstarter.

Last month we’ve increased our team size by hiring one additional programmer to speed up the development process. We are also talking with new game designer about joining our team.

Currently we are working on World Builder. World Builder has two goals: to allow players to help us with creating the world in Realms of Magic and to do some public testing of our game engine. We are planning to release it on May/June.

We are aiming for an Early Access version of our game by the end of this year. EA version will not include every feature we have announced or planned, most notably city and faction management. However this feature will be in the first big update we will release.

We can also proudly announce that our game will also launch on Linux and Mac systems.
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