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Update Monday #6
« on: February 27, 2017, 09:31:59 pm »


Last time we talked about five milestones we need to reach before the release. Version 0.1 is almost completed, there are only few minor things left. What’s more, version 0.2 is already halfway done. This week we will also start work on implementing combat system.

Big part of version 0.2 are basics of world generation. We divide world generator into two parts: the first one is world creation and the second is location generator.

Before I talk about these two parts of the world generator let me explain how the map system works in our game. The world map consists of many locations. A location is something you would call a “world” in Terraria or a “planet” in Starbound. Player can travel between these locations, similar to games like Baldur’s Gate or Dragon Age.

World creation is done on a bigger scale. We generate whole map of the continent in which Realms of Magic takes place. We generate parameters (like terrain elevation, mountainousness, rain, humidity, population etc.) for location generator.

Location generator works on a smaller scale. It generates specific parts (locations) of the world. It takes parameters created in the previous step and generates locations based on those parameters. Output of the location generator is what you will directly see in the game: mountains, caves, dungeons, villages, cities and much more!
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