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Update Monday #7
« on: March 06, 2017, 09:53:26 pm »


Last week was very productive, we completed many tasks, however we donít have one big interesting thing to talk about so this update will be focused on what our programmers have been and will be working on.

Manwe, our lead programmer, was supposed to start working on combat system (version 0.4) last week, however we decided to implement one more feature before that - stairs. Originally we wanted to implement stairs after Early Access release but we came to conclusion that implementing them later on would require too many changes to level design and it would be more effective to do them now. Hopefully he will be able to finish them this week.

Luke finished basic work on lighting system (version 0.1) and particles (version 0.3). There are still some things left to do with both systems, mostly integrating both of them so that fire particles affect lighting. We will also probably spend some time optimizing lighting as we feel that it affects the framerate too much. After that he will be able to move on to version 0.4.

Kurigalzu completed work on the first stage of the location generator (version 0.2). Now he will be rewriting it from Python to OpenCL so that it will generate locations much, much faster (OpenCL can work on GPU instead of CPU). We are expecting at least 10 times faster generation but in theory in can be much quicker than that, maybe even 100 times. After that he will be working on animation related stuff in version 0.3.

Vermox had many tasks in versions 0.1 and 0.2, and one in 0.3. Majority of them are done: Steam integration, containers GUI, dialogue window, font optimization, books and some more. He has three tasks left in those versions: starting screen, journal GUI and updating Modder. We are expecting to finish work on them this week, so he will be able to start work on version 0.4.

To sum it up - versions 0.1 and 0.2 will most likely be done this week. Unfinished tasks in version 0.3 are assigned to Kurigalzu and he will work on them for about a month. The rest of our programming team will move on to version 0.4 next week.

Next update will focus on what the rest of our team has been up to!
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