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Update Monday #8
« on: March 13, 2017, 09:32:19 pm »


Last week we talked about what our programmers have been working on. This week we will talk about the rest of the team.

Before we do that I want to clarify one thing we said a week ago. We said that rewriting location generator to OpenCL would speed it up by 10 times and we also said that in theory it could speed it about even up to 100 times. Turns out we were completely wrong. Kurigalzu has rewritten it and the results are not what we expected. It turns out that it's not faster by 100 times and it's not faster by 10 times. It's faster by one thousand times! Currently mid-range GPU can generate one location in 0.5 of a second. Itís so quick that we wonít even need a loading screen! :)

So letís talk about rest of our team. Our pixel artist, is wrapping up work on sprites related to Farming and Cooking professions. Currently we have sprites for about 40 different plants, including their world sprites, seed icons and their final product - a fruit or a vegetable. We also have icons for some of the meals we have planned for release, we will return to the rest later on.

Omadan, our writer, is currently working on randomly generated quests. We are in the middle of design process, we want to make sure that they are really good and will feel more like handcrafted quests rather than simple generated ones. We will probably write a bigger update focused on our quest system in the future, once he writes all the quests and we let him out of the basement he is currently locked up in.

Ansambel, one of our designers and our newest addition to our team, has been mostly working on a world creation. He generated maps for parameters like terrain elevation, mountainousness and wind levels. The next step are maps for temperature and rivers. He also worked a little bit on professions system and racial abilities. Again, more details in the future!

Me (Zakharn) and Loxarn have been working on the combat system. Weíve already designed pretty solid basics together with Ansambel but we believe that we can make it even better and itís worth spending some more time on itís design.

We are also in the middle of a recruitment process, we are currently looking for a level designer. We are hoping to wrap it up by the end of this month. Big thanks to Omadan for his invaluable help with it!

Thatís all for today, see you next week!
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