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Game mechanics and help
« on: March 21, 2017, 01:17:45 pm »
Hey - I have a few questions.

1. Except for fighting skill trees and crafting , what other skills
will be avalaible ? Will there be lockpicking, diplomacy or stealth for example ?

2. Now series of simmilar, more accurate questions

a) What if I am playing lets say a goblin merchant and a goblin proffesional
fighter. Both are using daggers - what will be the difference between those
goblins mechanically ?

b) What if I am playing a noble wiseman shaman (orc) and mentally-sick clan member
(orc), will their diplomacy skills will be the same ?

3. I was applying for a level designing (Krzysztof Stadnik) - but is it possible
to help u with maps or dialogues otherwise ?
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Re: Game mechanics and help
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2017, 03:10:59 pm »

1. There are social skills such as Persuasion, Intimidation, Bribery, Deception and Leadership. Skills like lockpicking and stealth are not planned for Early Access release, we will probably add them later on together with a crime system.

2. a) There isn't strict division between character classes. What type of character you are is defined by what kind of skills you have. If you focus on social and trading skills you are a merchant. If you develop your combat skills then you are a fighter. Or you could just be both :)

2. b) We are planning to have a character background system. You will be able to choose different background history of your character and it will affect your starting skills and how you are perceived by NPCs.

3. Right now we aren't looking for additional help, except for a full time Level Designer. We have very little time before EA release and managing and getting up to speed part time help wouldn't be viable for us right now. But we will want to change that after we release our game.
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