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Update Monday #11
« on: April 11, 2017, 10:50:46 am »


This week’s update is focused on the programming side of the development. We are about halfway done with versions 0.3 (Core Gameplay) and 0.4 (Polished Gameplay) - which together should give us a playable version with the most core features of our game. We are aiming to wrap those versions up by the end of this month.

Manwe has been mostly working on basics of many systems which we will expand later on. This includes combat, AI, implementation of creatures and world map system. He also checked out some smaller features like thumbnails (dropped items), building and destroying rules and physics bug proofing. He only has two small tasks left in versions 0.3 and 0.4 but we will most likely postpone them so we can start the final touches on our quest and dialogue systems (version 0.5) - mostly related to random generation of quests.

Luke has crossed out some tasks related to rendering - optimization of lighting and world rendering and selected item and NPC highlight and outline. He also implemented and tweaked basic animations like running, jumping, building and mining. The next big thing he will be working on is an ability to display clothing and armor on characters. After that he will only have two more tasks to complete in 0.3 and 0.4: z-indexes and background changes. Z-indexes are responsible for what’s first drawn on the screen. We need to have a system that will sort all the sprites so that they will be displayed in a correct order.

Kurigalzu is working on the second part of the location generator. The first part is focused on terrain generation, mostly mountains and blocks distribution, including ores. The second part consists mainly of cave systems and distribution of flora and fauna. There will be a third part later on focused on random buildings and dungeon generation. The cave generation is almost finished, this week he will move to distribution of plants, creatures and NPCs. Once he finishes this feature, he will start working on combat system in version 0.5.

Vermox is working on professions. The are four main tasks related to them: plants and trees, professions system, implementation of different item types and GUI for professions. Plants and trees are pretty much done, the player can plant them, they will grow and after they’ve grown, the player can harvest them. Professions system is also mostly complete, the player can get experience and level them up, bonuses, formulas and curves are already implemented and fully working. All that is left to do in this task is to implement crafting system. The third task to is implement and integrate with Modder all new item types that are required for professions, like crafting stations, seeds, tools etc. The final part is creating GUI for professions, which will consist of two windows, one for the list of professions with their current levels and experience bars, and the other one for crafting professions.

That’s it this week, see you in the next Update Monday!
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